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Coffee & Tea

Butler Craft use a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans combining a strong body with a rich aroma. Non dairy milk for those dietary needs, flavored syrups for those sweet tooth’s and Iced options for those hot days. We offer freshly brewed tea with a selection of herbals and Hot Choco with Cream & Marshmallows.

Smoothies & Juices

Our Ninja Blender for our smoothie range allows us to make deliciously flavored drinks at an extremely fast pace. Our smoothies offer a nutritional value and give our customers a boost to their day. Flavors include but not limited to; Breakfast Trouper, 4Berry Daiquiri & Groovy Mango. And not to forget Luke’s Specialty Ginger Shots, giving you a kick start to the day!


BC Milkshakes are a deliciously sweet drink made by blending milk or non-dairy, with real ice cream and blended with a choice of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla topped with cream & sauces. Our fav’s include Biscoff and Galaxy Chocolate with all the trimmings!!

Homemade Treats

At Butler Craft we offer freshly baked goodies, hot & cold dishes on request. A range of homemade treats such as Flapjacks, Pastries; Lunch Bites including Mediterranean Salads and Sliders, Scrumptious Breakie options which go deliciously accompanied by a cup of our butler craft coffee.

Ginger Shots

BC Signature Ginger Shots will give the natural healthy boost to kick of your day. Ginger helps with the immune system, improves digestion and decrease inflammation. Flavors include Classic Ginger, Beetroot Burst, Green Vitality & Mango Moves, to name a few.

Fresh Fruit to Grab & Go

Sourced from our Local Fruit Man, we offer a wide selection of Fresh Fruits from Apples, Oranges, Bananas to Watermelon, Kiwi, Pineapple & Grapes, even some Half-time Oranges.


“Butler Craft is hands down one of the best in the industry – all the drinks are made to perfection, and there isn’t a harder working crew member than Luke! Within a day he knows everyone on set and their preferred drink choice – always running around delivering drinks to everyone on set. The entire crew has been commenting how great Luke was and the personal service he offers.”

Aneta Chalas – Production Manager, One Life.

Thank you for looking after us so brilliantly and really looking forward to our next job

Liz Trubridge – Producer & Production Manager, Downton Abbey.

“Great coffee, great smoothies and great service. Luke & Aoife work really hard to please the crew and we all love them. With that in mind, we had no hesitation in inviting them back for the final season of The Crown”

Carrie Banner – Production Manager, The Crown.

“Luke worked for us on the Downton Abbey film and showed an incredible work ethic to ensure all the crew were well serviced with great coffees, smoothies, ginger shots and other treats. He quickly became one of the most valued members of the crew as his willingness to go the extra mile was appreciated from the director and lead actors to everyone throughout the crew.

An asset to any production”

Mark Hubbard – Co-Producer, Downton Abbey.

Hands down best coffee at the festival and one of the finest cups of coffee I have had in a long time. True craftsmanship!

Brendan White, Private Chef

BC Coffee the Only Way to Start Your Day!!

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Here All Day Serving you the BC Way

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